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(Pocket-lint) - Elon Musk has announced another delay to the long-awaited Cybertruck, Tesla's angular but futuristic flat-bed truck. The electric vehicle will now release in 2023, according to Tesla.

Of course, this is an EV that's already been delayed repeatedly since its initially-planned release in 2021, so whether the 2023 date ends up being final is very much up to interpretation.

The announcement came at a launch party for Tesla's Giga Factory in Texas, a facility that's going to pump out a huge number of Teslas in the coming years if all goes well.

Musk was up on stage with a production version of the Cybertruck, with only one noticeable change from the versions we've seen so far. The truck will apparently no longer feature door handles, instead relying on sensors to open up its doors automatically when you're nearby.

Whether that sounds like a nice little innovation or another potential point of breakage that could leave you locked out of your utility vehicle probably goes a long way toward working out how you feel about Tesla as a brand more widely, frankly.

Other tidbits of news from the presentation include the fact that a full US-wide beta of Tesla's Full Self-driving Technology should launch later this year, and that the Tesla Semi, an electric semi-truck, will also theoretically be entering full production in 2023.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.