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(Pocket-lint) - Although it hasn't come by way of an official announcement, it looks like Tesla's long-awaited Cybertruck will not be in people's hands this year - a subtle update to its pre-order website makes it clear that the truck is set for production in 2022.

If you visit the ordering page now, you can see that whether you select a single, dual or triple-motor variant of the truck, under your $100 deposit there's a note to clarify that the truck will come toward final production in 2022, at which point you can configure your purchase more closely.

This doesn't come as a major surprise - the truck was always likely to appear at the very end of 2021 if it made the year at all, but nonetheless Elon Musk had indicate that production would start at the tail end of this year, so it's very much a delay.

It's one that will disappoint those who have been waiting since 2019, at the vehicle's unveiling, to actually drive the crazy-sounding Cybertruck, with all its raw power and unbelievably divisive design choices. At what point in 2022 we can expect production to really ramp up isn't clear, but we'd assume or hope that it'll be in the early stages of the year.

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 9 August 2021.
  • Via: Tesla finally confirms Cybertruck electric pickup is delayed to 2022 - electrek.co
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