(Pocket-lint) - Modern cars are covered with cameras. Most are only used for driver assistance functions, like adaptive cruise control or parking, while gathering data on the car, it's position on the road and its local environment.

Tesla does a little more, with Sentry Mode able to use the car's cameras to detect incidents around the car and capture footage, for example someone trying to damage the car.

But Tesla might be about to enable remote viewing of these cameras via the app. The Tesla app already allows a lot of remote access. You can view lots of details about your car, but being able to check on it remotely, and view the surroundings of your car, could take things to a new level.

While it is, potentially, only going to serve those who are anxious about what's happening to their car when they are away from it, it would mean that you could see what your car can see, perhaps checking the weather at your destination airport, seeing what's happening at home or in the car park where you left your Tesla.

Limited practical use, perhaps, but it's these sorts of small additions that Tesla has been good at adding and makes people think slightly differently about what they can do with their car.

Many manufacturers are adding more connected functionality to cars and with increased sensors and cameras around recent models, there are functions beyond driving that could make use of such sensors - it just takes a little imagination and we could see this becoming more common.

Tesla is due to push out software updates and it's not currently know if this will be part of the package, but thanks to a report from Electrek, we know that some signs have been uncovered in recent code.

Writing by Chris Hall.
  • Source: Tesla owners are going to be able to remotely view what their Autopilot cameras can see - electrek.co
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