(Pocket-lint) - If you were worried about where you might charge your Tesla, you'll welcome the news that Tesla now has over 500 Superchargers in the UK and Ireland. That includes 42 new chargers installed on four new sites in 2020.

The 500th installation was actually on the A12 outside Colchester, with Superchargers spread across 63 different sites in the UK and Ireland.

Tesla tells us that in 2019, over 60 million miles were covered on the British Isles.

With interest in electric cars growing, the networks that power these devices are under scrutiny. While many will be able to charge at home or charge slowly on public chargers, it's the ability to travel long distances that's often the first criticism of electric vehicles.

With premium electric cars struggling to offer over 300 miles of range - half what you might expect for a motorway-cruising diesel - rapid charging is key to facilitating the adoption of electric cars.

Tesla has a home advantage, offering its Superchargers that only Tesla drivers can access, while also offering compatibility with a range of chargers on other networks.

The situation is slowly changing though. There's increasing numbers of chargers being installed from a number of major players. We're seeing installations of rapid chargers replacing old AC chargers that were almost not worth using and more locations like hotels and pubs offering electric car charging.

At the same time, there's an increasing number of electric cars coming to market, with major brands launching first-gen electric cars with increased diversity. For Tesla, the next model we're expecting is the Model Y - long teased but yet to make its debut in the UK and Ireland.

Writing by Chris Hall.