(Pocket-lint) - Thanks to software changes, Tesla vehicles are regularly being updated and enhanced with new intelligence and features. One such feature has been in development for a long while now but is finally rolling out to the masses. 

This update is a Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control feature that's part of Tesla's Autopilot system. Via a new software update, the company is improving its Autopilot navigation system to handle traffic lights and stop signs.

The enhancement to this system started popping up for early access users in March and is now rolling out more widely across the US.

As part of the 2020.12.6 software update (which is still in beta) users will find Telsa vehicles will now be able to recognise traffic lights and stop signs. In practice, this means that the vehicles will automatically slow down when approaching the road signs and drivers will be notified of such action. 

This video shows the update in action:

You'll note the large red line on the visual display along with the stop sign markings. The update apparently requires users to then either push down the gear selector or accelerator pedal to move away again when it's safe to do so. 

It's worth noting that this change is rolling out in the States and we'd expect to see it on other shores in the near future too. But the company will no doubt need to adjust for different roads and stop light systems in other regions before it can be pushed fully. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.