(Pocket-lint) - Tesla has opened its 500th Supercharger station in Europe, located in London's Park Royal, but also marking the start of the more powerful V3 Supercharger deployment in Europe. 

The latest Superchargers are located at Tesla's Park Royal service station and will see eight V3 Superchargers located alongside eight V2 Superchargers. The newer and more powerful Superchargers have the advantage of offering 250kW peak charging rates, meaning that Tesla owners will be able to charge their cars faster. 

The V3 chargers also don't share the power with other chargers, so at busy times you'll still get the fastest rate your Tesla can charge at, whereas V2 chargers might see the power delivery dip when someone is charging on the neighbouring charger. 

The car that's best placed to take advantage of these 250kW rates is the Tesla Model 3 with faster charging than the Model S or the Model X, but the experience for all Tesla owners will be uplifted thanks to the new chargers. 

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But returning to that opening figure of 500 Supercharger stations across Europe, these have been designed to make long-range driving a reality across the continent. You can plot a route that will include the charging stops that you'll need to reach your destination, combatting range anxiety and making Tesla's cars as convenient as conventional fuels.

The advantage that Tesla offers is the seamless ecosystem approach that the Superchargers offer: as you're approaching the Supercharger your Tesla will start pre-conditioning the battery for the charge you're going to give it and once you arrive, there's no messing around with cards or apps, as it's all seamlessly handled between the car, the charger and your account. 

There's now 4700 individual chargers across Europe. The new V3 Superchargers will be equipped with a CCS connector - supported by the Model 3 - with adapters for older Model S and Model X owners.

Writing by Chris Hall.