(Pocket-lint) - Tesla has confirmed that it's ready to roll-out v10 of its in-car software, bringing with it a wide range of anticipated feature, including the ability to watch Netflix when you're not driving.

The update will arrive over the air, updating Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars, just the same way that Apple might update your iPad. On the entertainment front you'll be able to watch Netflix, YouTube or Hulu on the screen in the car, using the great speakers like a home theatre. 

Of course, like many of the fun Tesla features, you'll only be able watch when it is safe to do so - but when you're sitting at a Supercharger you'll be able to catch up on cat videos or binge on Netflix.

There's also an expansion to the range of games on offer with CupHead looking like it will be a popular addition, with support for a USB controllers.

If you love your music you'll be thrilled that there's a new karaoke option, so you can sing along with lyrics with those in the car, which should make those long drives less boring.

Outside of the entertainment, Tesla is also expanding the skills of its Summon feature. This is the feature that will let you control the car from the app on your phone. If you have a model with full self-driving or Enhanced Autopilot then summon will allow your car to navigate a parking lot/garage on its own to come and meet you.

The idea is that you can return to the parking lot, hit Smart Summon and have the car come to you. We're guessing there will be some local restrictions on this features in some regions. 

On mapping, there's also a Google-like "I'm feeling lucky" option that will let you tell the satnav to take you on an adventure - and you can do the same for food, so you'll be taken to a restaurant within range. Sounds like a bit of a gourmet gamble, but we like to live dangerously. 

There are a couple of other UI changes, including Joe Mode that will quieten things down, so you're less likely to be disturbed by alerts that might wake passengers in the back seat.

As soon as our update arrives, we'll bring you the full low-down on how everything looks and works - until then you can check-out everything that was in the v9 software.  

Writing by Chris Hall.