(Pocket-lint) - Elon Musk has confirmed via Twitter that Tesla owners will soon have the ability to watch YouTube or Netflix on the big screen of their Tesla car.

Before you get over-excited and suggest that this might be dangerous, the feature will only work when the car is stationary, according to Musk, but if or when regulation is in place for fully autonomous driving, then you'll be able to stream movies while the car is driving itself.

That latter position may still be many years away, but being able to access entertainment services on your Tesla is something of a recent trend. The electric car pioneer has previously added a range of games, allowing drivers to keep themselves entertained when sitting waiting. 

Tesla provides a less conventional and rather more refreshing approach to in-car technology. From the early days of the Model S, people commented on little details, like the stereo turning up to 11, and that light-hearted approach continues.

The Tesla Model 3 is probably the best option for watching movies thanks to the landscape display, but as Tesla cars have larger displays than most other cars on the road, we can see this being a fun option. Need to catch up on an episode of the latest blockbuster while charging your car? No problem.

Musk continued answering questions, saying that the new features will come as part of the V10 software and should be rolling-out around August 2019.

Writing by Chris Hall.