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(Pocket-lint) - The Tesla Model 3 was announced in 2016, promising a more affordable electric car to sit alongside the Model S and Model X.

Production and delivery of the Model 3 - pitched as the mass-market car - haven't exactly been swift. While some parts of Europe have received orders of the Model 3, the UK hasn't been on that list.

That's about to change, however, with Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, responding to the question on Twitter to confirm that orders for the Model 3 in the UK are expected to go live at the beginning of May 2019.

So far, customers in the UK have been able to reserve a Model 3 with a £1000 deposit, but it's not clear exactly how much the car will cost in the UK, or how long the delivery time might be.

In the US the Standard Range Plus Model 3 can now be ordered for $39,500. This model has a 240 mile range and top speed of 140mph and is rear wheel drive only. Tesla has recently shuffled around the spec of its cars so it's difficult to know exactly what will be offered to UK customers.

The timing of the Model 3 availability is important as the number of electric cars available in the UK increases. Cars like the Hyundai Kona Electric is currently running a waiting list for orders and it's expected that VW's foray into EVs will begin in earnest on 8 May with pre-orders for the VW ID set to begin.

Update: Tesla UK has confirmed that the configurator will be going live in early May, but pricing won't be available until does so.

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Writing by Chris Hall.