(Pocket-lint) - Tesla has announced updated versions of the Model X and Model S, offering a redesigned drivetrain for longer range and other important improvements. 

Details aside, what this new drivetrain system means is that the Model S will now go up to 370 miles on a full charge, while the Model X will go up to 325 miles.

While the 100 kWh battery is the same, the design updates mean more distance is possible. And that means it'll easily handle the London to Scotland challenge its predecessor managed.  

As well as the new drivetrain, there's new adaptive suspension on the Model S and X, which Tesla says will mean not only better range, but acceleration and a more comfortable ride, as well as a Ludicrous Mode upgrade for some customers. 

The longer range offered by the new system is a result of improved internal design and parts. Elements like the lubrication, cooling and bearings have all evolved along with the magnetic motors and power units. 

As if that's not enough, the cars will charge faster too. Both the Model S and X can achieve 200kW charging on the third generation Superchargers, or 145kW on the second gen, meaning an overall speed increase of 50 per cent. 

While the S and X are Tesla's more expensive models, the manufacturer has said it's re-introducing the lower cost Standard Range option to bring the price down. 

In addition, Tesla will offer a free Ludicrous Mode upgrade to existing Model S and Model X owners who order the new models. 

The update Model S and Model X are both available to order now. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.