(Pocket-lint) - Tesla is pushing out a software update to its cars that includes more classic Atari games. This time, it's Super Breakout and 2048, and they'll be joining the likes of Asteroid and Lunar Lander that are already available. 

The update is being pushed to cars already, but could take a few weeks to get to everybody. The games are free to play, and will land on Model S, Model X and Model 3 in-car touchscreens. 

What's really fun about these games is that Tesla owners can either use the touchscreen for on-screen gestures to control the games, or use buttons on the steering wheel, either way, it means you've got something fun to do if you ever find yourself sitting an waiting in a supermarket car park.

Super Breakout, for those too young to remember, is your classic brick-breaking game involving rows of bricks, a virtual ball and a paddle at the bottom of the screen. Bounce the ball to hit the bricks, and then make sure you position the paddle correctly to set it off again. 

It's a game mimicked many times, by many different developers. In fact, BlackBerry's version called BrickBreaker was the secret addiction of many a BlackBerry user. 

It's not the only new feature Tesla has added recently over software. The company also recently announced that it was rolling out a security update to better dissuade potential car thieves. 

Sentry and dog modes meant that Tesla can warn passers by not to attempt to steal, and also reassure concerned dog owners that the pet inside is completely safe and comfortable. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.