During the Model Y reveal last week, Tesla snuck a very quick and very odd teaser for an upcoming Tesla pickup truck into the keynote presentation.

CEO Elon Musk must've realized some of us missed the brief tease, so he made sure to highlight it on Twitter, tweeting out the first known image of a Tesla electric pickup truck, which he strangely described as a "cyberpunk" truck. It seems to be inspired by the film Blade Runner.

The image, which was only displayed during the live-stream for a few seconds after the Model Y launch, doesn't show much. We can see what appears to be a hood for cargo space. It could be at a weird angle, however, and we might be seeing the truck's front end here. Essentially, we're looking at a long, flat surface with a Tesla logo connected to another flat surface at 90 degrees, and there's a light bar separating the surfaces.

It's hard to tell what we're looking at, to be honest, but Musk said it's a truck. He provided no other details, including when it might be unveiled. But if you want to fall down a rabbit hole in which web sleuths try to decipher the tease and create concepts based on it, see this Reddit thread.