A brand new racing series starring souped-up Tesla Model S cars is set to take off in November this year. Electric GT will see 20 race-prepared Tesla Model S P100D cars race against each other around various racetracks around the world, including Silverstone and the Nurburgring.

The cars, which will be known as Model S P100DL, will produce 778bhp and 734lb ft torque, giving them a 0-62mph time of 2.1-seconds. While that may be blisteringly fast, it's only 0.3-seconds quicker than the road version you can go out and buy. The drivetrain will be the same as the road-going Model S P100 too, but the cabin will be stripped out in favour of racing bucket seats, an FIA-approved roll cage and a fire extinguisher.

It's this that race organisers believe will be a big draw for the series, as it will essentially feature the same cars you can drive yourself. Mark Gemmel, CEO of the Electric GT racing series told Autocar: "The standard drivetrain is in a 25% lighter car, so the stresses are actually less than it has been designed for in the production vehicle,"


"This also makes the championship more valuable for Tesla road customers, as our racing cars are closer to what they drive so you're essentially seeing a production vehicle on circuit."

The Electric GT championship will begin on 3-4 November in Jerez, before moving to the Paul Ricard in February/March (a date is to be confirmed). A track has yet to be decided for a May race, the Nurburgring and Assen will follow on 29 June and 20-21 July respectively.

The Silverstone race will come around in September, with another yet to be confirmed track hosting a race the same month. The racing series will end in the Algarve on 12-13 October. These dates are provisional and subject to change.