(Pocket-lint) - Tesla vehicles are always associated with the very latest technology, and if you've seen one or been in one, you would have noticed a large touchscreen panel in the main centre console.

The Tesla Model 3 will build upon the touchscreen panel seen in the Model S and Model X, by completely ditching the instrument panel as well, used for controls such as wipers and putting them on the touchscreen panel as well.

A video has been posted online from a Tesla dealership in Austin, Texas, that shows the touchscreen control panel in full and how you go about navigating it.

Controls for climate control can be found on the touchscreen, and not only can different temperatures be set for both sides of the car, but the position of the vents can be adjusted too.

All exterior lights are controlled via the panel (although it's not clear from the video how you activate indicator lights), along with adjustments to the steering wheel and mirrors.

On the left of the screen, car information such as which doors are open, driving range, current gear selected and speed limit of the road you're on is permanently displayed, while on the right you can access quick controls for instant navigation to various features of the car.

It appears to be a very complex system, with the idea being everything to do with the car can be controlled from one central location.

Just how safe it will be to operate various functions from the screen remain to be seen, as you'll no doubt have to take your eyes off the road every now and then to see which button you're pressing.

Writing by Max Langridge.