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(Pocket-lint) - Tesla boss Elon Musk has caused an internet frenzy with a simple tweet.

His company has reacquired the domain name x.com, which was the original name of PayPal many moons ago, and is soon to launch a new venture or, at least, assign one of his current projects to that domain.

Or is he?

His tweet referred to http://x.com and said it's a little "verbose right now". Either Musk doesn't understand what "verbose" means, or he's playing a little prank on the world.

Go to the website and you just see a tiny "x" in the corner.

Indeed, the source code of the website is currently:



That's it.

We'll find out more tomorrow, 15 July, according to his tweet. So expect it to be updated then.

For now, here are our thoughts of what x.com could be:

- It's the new site for his Space X project - which makes sense considering the letter.

- He's launching a PayPal competitor - after all, he owned x.com originally and launched the online banking service that eventually became PayPal.

- It's the new site/name for Hyperloop - there's certainly a lot in the news about the high speed transport service of late.

- He's a massive XCOM fan - and he's starting an expensively acquired fan site.

- He's blowing a kiss to all his fans - ahem.

- None of the above - probably the most likely. We shall see.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.
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