(Pocket-lint) - Tesla's next car, following the launch of the Model 3, will be the Model Y. The company has teased an image of the car and it shows a distinct lack of door wing mirrors.

The image was shown at Tesla's own Annual Shareholder Conference in California, and along with no door mirrors, it purports to a slightly more striking and angry design, compared to its sleek siblings.

It's thought that the Model Y will use cameras instead of the door mirrors. Cameras would likely be installed where the mirrors would normally be found, and they will show a live feed on screens inside the cabin.

As Autocar - who picked up the picture - states, laws currently require cars to be fitted with door wing mirrors. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has apparently said the Model Y won't be released until at least 2019, or maybe 2020, so there could be potential for the laws to be changed by then to accept the proposal.

The Model Y will be based on the same underpinnings as the upcoming Model 3, but will be fitted a much more advanced version of the company's Autopilot software, which can already control the car's steering, acceleration and brakes when on the motorway.

Tesla already has the next few models in its lineup confirmed, and will be producing a minibus, pick-up truck and a cargo van, all based on the Model X platform.

Writing by Max Langridge.