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(Pocket-lint) - Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed via Twitter that there'll be a Tesla event being held on October 17. He said in the tweet that it's unexpected by most, which while may seem to relate to the actual product being revealed, we're taking it as though the event itself is unexpected.

Many industry analysts are expecting Tesla to unveil plans for Autopilot 2.0, the second generation of the company's semi-autonomous driving assistant. It's likely the 2.0 version will use radar and cameras to allow the system to be more reliable and safer, following a few crashes.

But going by the wording of Musk's tweet, people weren't expecting to hear any announcements quite so soon. Perhaps Tesla just couldn't wait to reveal the big news.

But current owners of Tesla electric cars need not worry, as it's been predicted that any Autopilot 2.0 features will be able to be retrofitted to cars currently on the road.

Electrek.co has also speculated that Elon Musk will announce further details on the Tesla Model 3, the company's affordable electric car, due to go on sale in 2017. So far we haven't seen final images or drawings as to what the car will look like, and considering in excess of 400,000 people have pre-ordered one, they'll probably want to know exactly what it is they're buying.

There's just a week to wait until Tesla's product launch, we'll of course bring you all the latest news and announcements as and when we get them.

Elon Musk also confirmed in his tweet that there would be a separate Tesla/SolarCity announcement on October 28. Many are expecting this event to confirm the merger between the two companies has been confirmed. There should also be a number of product announcements, which will include the Powerpack 2.0, a scalable battery pack that uses new battery cells developed at the company's new Gigafactory.

Musk is also expected to unveil details of a new Solar Roof project, which would see house roofs be made out of solar panels, rather than have separate panels installed on a traditional tiled roof.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 10 October 2016.