The Tesla Model X SUV has had a voluntary recall issued after faults were found in the rear seats that could be dangerous.

The fault, found in the third row of seating, means that in a crash there is a chance the seats will fold forward potentially harming the passenger.

While the Model X has already been on the roads in the US, it was only after safety testing by European standards that the fault was spotted. This was part of final checks before shipping the cars to European buyers. The test was required by safety regulators in Europe by not in the United States.

Anyone driving a model X made before 26 March can return the car to have the part fixed. There are 2,700 of these cars that have been recalled.

The part was not made by Tesla, like in the first a second row seats, but by a third party Australian manufacturer called Futuris, who will be footing the bill.

Speaking on the matter, Jon McNeil, Tesla's president of sales, service and delivery, said: "Our European customers and our US customers are equally important to us".

Owners will be able to bring the Model X into a service centre for the repairs once contacted by Tesla, when the replacement parts have become available.

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