(Pocket-lint) - Tesla is expected to unveil an upgraded version of its Model S this week.

While the Tesla Model S P90D is still relatively new, the electric car manufacturer is always pushing forward.

The new model is expected to arrive at the same time as the Model X custom order configurator goes live on the Tesla website.

So what can we expect from the latest Tesla Model S?

Tesla Model S 2016: Range and power

While Tesla doesn't usually use dates to describe its models, we've added 2016 to differentiate this car from the rest. That said the specs should do that too.

According to rumours from sources of The Verge the new Model S will come with an upgraded 100kWh battery. Currently even the top end Model S P90D tops out at 90kWh.

That should mean, coupled with the latest software, this new Model S has the greatest range yet. Either that or it will carry more luxurious extras and this larger battery will offset that weight to continue to offer over 300 miles on a charge.

Tesla Model S 2016: Air filtration

One of the big pushes for the Model X was the Bioweapon Defense Mode air filtration system. This, according to rumours, will also be a feature in the new Model S.

Naysayers might point out that luxury brands like Mercedes and Audi have sported these filtration systems for years. But Musk does have a flair for the dramatic, hence the naming, and hefty claims that the car will keep you safe even in a bioweapon attack.

Tesla Model S 2016: Luxury extras

The new Model S may take luxury to the next level. While the current models offer plenty of comforts, plus plenty of performance, there may be more to add.

Rumours suggest the new Model S will feature new LED headlights. It could also feature the same ventilated seats that will launch in the Model X. Again this is something other brands offer already.

The shape of the car may also have a change with tweaks to the nose – suggesting it could be more aerodynamic for greater range. Also there should be a selection of new paint colour options.

Tesla Model S 2016: Release date and price

While Tesla is expected to unveil the new Model S this week, release date and pricing have not even been whispered yet.

As a Model S, it won't come cheaper than £50,000 and, since the wait list even on current models is until June, we wouldn't expect this one to arrive soon.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.