(Pocket-lint) - In a movie set in the a post apocalyptic future, it'll be the Tesla Model 3 that we see dotted about the landscape. That's because this is going to be the first real mass-market electric car that does it all.

The Tesla Model 3 was shown off by Elon Musk, where its specs and pricing were revealed. We're in for a real treat for that $35,000 price when it finally begins shipping in late 2017.

The Tesla Model 3 looks like a smaller, sportier version of the Tesla Model S with bonnet design cues from the original Roadster. The Model 3 will be powerful, kicking out at least a 6-second 0-60mph time and that performance won't affect range which should be at least 215 miles on a charge.

Crucially, by the time this lands, Tesla says it will have doubled the number of Superchargers worldwide and will be throwing in charging for free. Also as standard the car will feature Autopilot for assisted driving and future proofing for the self-driving roads to come.

Safety is another point of focus in the Model 3 with 5-star safety ratings guaranteed in all categories. The five seater interior looks minimal with a tablet screen and little else, but that's likely to keep weight and costs low.

You can pre-order a Tesla Model 3 now with a $1,000 deposit.

Writing by Luke Edwards.