(Pocket-lint) - What's better than a Tesla? Two Teslas.

Tesla has said it plans to show its Model 3 - a critical car that is expected to make Tesla more affordable to middle-class car buyers - in March, and now we're hearing from the rumour mill that the electric-vehicle maker might announce a second car at the same spring event.

Electrek's Seth Weintraub has revaled the second car will show up alongside the Model 3 in March. Citing a "second-hand source", he said Tesla has "at least two different versions" of the Model 3 planned for the unveiling event. The second car is expected to be a crossover, while the other is a sedan. Weintraub backed up his claims with a screenshot from a Tesla presentation in Hong Kong - and it shows two cars partially wrapped.


In October, Elon Musk, Tesla's CEO, tweeted that the Model 3 would go into production in 2017 and cost about $35,000. But he also posted a tweet confirming that the company was also planning to roll out another vehicle called the Model Y. He later deleted that tweet, even though JB Straubel, Tesla's CTO, previously teased a crossover version in June of last year. So, all this makes it seem like a second car is indeed in the works.

There is not much known about the Model Y. It could have Falcon Wing doors, like the Model X. When Musk tweeted about the Model Y in October, for instance, he said that either the Model 3 or the Model Y would have Falcon doors. All we know for sure is that the Model 3 sedan will be smaller than the Model S. It'll also offer a range of 200 miles per charge.

Tesla is probably the best-known premium electric car offering on the roads right now, but it has plans to become more affordable. Musk confirmed just last summer, for instance, that the next line of Tesla cars will be aimed at everyone. The Model 3 will finally bring the Tesla price tag to a level that more people - like you and us - can stomach.

Musk spoke with CNN this week and said he felt optimistic about the Model 3: "The key thing with the Model 3 is higher volume at a lower price... The goal is to have a very compelling, affordable, mass market electric vehicle and I feel pretty good about that goal."

Writing by Elyse Betters.