(Pocket-lint) - Thunder Power may not be a car manufacturer you recognise yet, but it should be soon. At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015 the manufacturer has revealed its first all electric Sedan.

The Taiwanese Thunder Power Sedan isn’t just an electric car, it uses next-generation interior design to make the car feel like it's from the future. But first, power.

The Thunder Power Sedan is available in 230kW or 320kW models both of which will manage a hefty 400 miles on a charge. But with 30 minutes of charge it'll top up by a massive 185 miles of range. The 320kW model does 0-62mph in under 5 seconds and hits a top speed of 155mph.

The exterior of the Sedan is Italian designed and has a luxurious yet sporty feel to the lines. Internally the entire dashboard acts as a touchscreen called TP-Touch. This includes the instrument cluster, infotainment and passenger video streaming and internet access.

Inside there is a dedicated EV platform powered by a 125kWh microprocessor-controlled battery pack. This, the company says, is cheaper to produce and lighter than the competition as well as slower to age.

The Thunder Power Sedan will launch in Europe in 2017, in China in 2018 then the US.

Thunder Power also created a race model to show what could be done, pictured in the gallery above.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.