(Pocket-lint) - Tesla announced earlier this year that it was developing an automatic charging system that moved much like a "solid metal snake" - and now the electric car maker has revealed how it actually looks and works. And it's disturbing.

The idea behind the charger is that it's supposed to automatically extend and connect to a Model S...all on its very own. That left our minds spinning, trying to imagine what kind of contraption Tesla has dreamed up. Now, we've been given our first look, thanks to a tweet put out this morning with an embedded video of the snake-like charger.

Although the video is brief, you can indeed see what appears to be a solid metal snake waking up and figuring out its surroundings. And then, it plugs into the Model S' gas tank like a scorpion softly striking its prey. We're talking about nightmare-type stuff here people. But, hey, it's also totally cool to see where Tesla is going with this.

Tesla has yet to specify if the charger will be available at Supercharging stations in the future or your actual house. It also hasn't provided an official product name or release date details. All we know is that this thing is designed to one day launch and work with all existing and future Model S cars.

Oh, and it's like something out of a Hollywood Sci-Fi/horror film.

Writing by Elyse Betters.