Almost one month after Tesla Motors published infographic maps to show its rapid global expansion over the next year, the company has made a significant adjustment to those plans: it will build electric car charging facilities in 120 Chinese cities.

If you live in China and are mulling a Tesla purchase, but are worried about the lack of Superchargers for charging your electric vehicle, have no fear. China will soon be chock-full of Supercharger sites. According to Reuters, Tesla Motors partnered with mobile carrier China Unicom to build electric car charging facilities in 120 Chinese cities, with the hopes of build charging posts at 400 China Unicom outlets and super charging stations in 20 Chinese cities.

Tesla Motors announced last month that Supercharger routes will cover 98 percent of the US by 2015 and that European countries (like the UK, France, Germany, Norway, etc) are also slated to get numerous Superchargers, but now it has added China to the fast track. This news follows Tesla Motors' infographic maps - which revealed how much of the globe's population should have access to Tesla Supercharger sites by next year.

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Interestingly, Asia was only expected to get a modest expansion increase, with China only recieving five Superchargers in 2015, as seen above. Tesla Motors only recently opened the first Supercharger sites in the country, so not many reports questioned the car maker's dismal Chinese expansion.

Those of you who did question however can now relax. China is expected to nearly match the US in terms of Supercharger coverage.