(Pocket-lint) - Students at Zhejiang University were able to attack a Tesla Model S using a hack that popped open the doors while the car was moving at speed. This obviously has dangerous connotations for the fully electric car.

But the attacks weren't on just anyone, it was a controlled test as part of a competition. Telsa didn't sponsor the $10,000 prize event but did say it would use the results to make its cars even safer.

The hack itself wasn't detailed too much but the winning team, called "Yo", were able to access the Model S functions while in motion. It did so by exploiting a flaw in the flow design of the car. This allowed them to open the doors and sunroof, and switch on the headlights and sound the horn, while the car was moving.

Tesla said that it supported "the idea of providing an environment in which responsible security researchers can help identify potential vulnerabilities" and hoped "security researchers will act responsibly and in good faith".

This competition follows the announcement by Tesla CEO Elon Musk that the company's patents would be open source meaning anyone can use them. China, known for cheap manufacturing, may be working on similar electric cars that could see the market flushed with affordable electric vehicles in the near future. Fingers crossed the hacking kinks are worked out by then.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.