Tesla Motors may be all the rage with its electric-powered car that can travel more than 110 mph, but a team of engineering students from the University of New South Wales has designed a different type of clean energy car that's just as impressive. The car is Eve, and it is covered in solar panels.

The team of students, known as Sunswift, hope that Eve - stylised as eVe - will break a 20-year-old electric vehicle record for the highest average speed over a 310-mile distance. The current record is 45 mph, and on 23 July, Eve will try to beat it. The car, which looks a lot like high-tech a race car, is capable of going 87 mph. It also uses as much power as a kitchen toaster and can travel 500 miles on solar power or 310 miles on a Li-ion battery pack.

Beyond the test scheduled for later this week, Sunswift believes that its two-door, two passenger car will one day take the car industry by storm. Eve features motors designed by Australian national science agency CSIRO - and they are 97 per cent efficent. The car also has a solar array made of thin, flexible C60 Sunpower silicon cells that can generate 800 Watts of power on nice day. And regenerative braking can refill the batteries.

Eve's body is made of TeXtreme carbon fiber and only weighs 661 lbs. The wheels are carbon fiber and aluminium, meaning they're very light too. Originally created for the 2013 World Solar Challenge, Eve is the fifth-generation solar car designed and built by Sunswift. If you recognise the Sunswift name, it's probably because they've held the Guinness World Record for the fastest solar powered vehicle since 2011.

You can learn more about the upcoming Land Speed Record attempt as well as Sunswift and Eve through the video above.