(Pocket-lint) - Tesla isn't looking to slow down, highlighting its commitment to Europe while at the Geneva Motor Show this week. 

The company announced huge plans to expand its Supercharger network across Europe, and that it will open more than 30 service centres and stores across the continent. 

“By the end of this year, we expect you will be able to travel almost anywhere in Europe using only Superchargers,” Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla, said. We assume he's talking about Western Europe and not the whole continent - still, no small feat. 

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Tesla' Supercharger network, which it first began building out across the US, allows customers to quickly charge their all-electric Model S sedans. It can provide a full charge in roughly 40 minutes, for free. And customers will surely be happy they can drive across Europe in the process.

Tesla didn't detail specifics on where the Superchargers would be found across the continent, but usually they're found by amenities like restaurants or shopping malls. The company recently expanded its network in the US to allow Model S drivers to make it all the way from New York to California for the first time.

Tesla says it expects a lot of its growth in 2014 to come from the UK, where right hand drive versions of the Model S will soon be introduced.

In 2013, Tesla delivered 22,477 vehicles to customers worldwide. By the end of 2014, Tesla expects combined sales in Europe and Asia to be almost twice as high as sales in North America.

Writing by Jake Smith.