(Pocket-lint) - Tesla has delayed its all-electric Model X sedan until 2015, the company's CEO Elon Musk told Bloomberg on Wednesday, citing his "perfectionist" nature for the reason it's not ready for market.

This marks the second time the $49,000 Model X has been delayed. It was originally slated for release in 2013 until pushed back to 2014, and now customers will be waiting yet another year for the Model X to take the road. Until then, Tesla will remain a one car company with its Model S.

"It's damn hard to make an SUV in particular that is beautiful and yet incredibly functional at the same time," Musk told Bloomberg. "It's a harder design problem than the Model S."

Musk didn't cite what type of changes were being made to the Model X ahead of launch.

The Model X features stylish "Falcon Wings" doors, dual motor all-wheel drive, and 0-60 speed in less-than 4.5 seconds. Of course, there's also its all-electric nature like the Model S, while still sticking with the speed of a traditional, sporty SUV like the Ferrari Cayenne.

Inside the Model X, there's 17-inch touchscreen in the dash that gives the driver and passengers full control of the automobile. There's even Google Voice integration and a full webkit browser that connects to the internet, thanks to an AT&T dataplan. The dataplan also delivers software updates to the ride.

Tesla revealed on Wednesday its Q4 financial earnings, telling investors it pulled in $46 million in revenue thanks to selling 6,892 Model S sedans. The stock market reacted positively, as Musk said the company is expecting a 55 per cent increase in production in 2014, to meet demand in Asia and Europe.

Writing by Jake Smith.