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(Pocket-lint) - Tesla has expanded its "Supercharger" network in the US to allow Model S drivers to make it all the way from New York to California for the first time. The plan was first announced in May of 2013 and has now been completed.

“Tesla Supercharger network now energised from New York to LA, both coast + Texas!” Musk said in a Twitter post on Sunday. “Approx 80% of US population covered.”

It's important for Tesla drivers to have access to Superchargers on a broad basis, given the Model S can only make it 265 miles (426 kilometers) on one charge. Before the Supercharger expansion project from Tesla, drivers were limited to each coast.

Superchargers are placed near amenities like roadside diners, cafes and shopping centres. Tesla says you can stop for a quick meal and have your Model S charged when you’re done. It can provide a full charge in roughly 40 minutes, for free.

The current Supercharger route runs predominately through Illinois, South Dakota, Arizona and California, following a path through the middle of the country.

Telsa plans to have 98 per cent of the US population and parts of Canada covered by 2015. In Europe, Tesla's Supercharger network only sits at 14 stations, but the company has announced plans for a massive expansion later in 2014.

Tesla users will automatically receive the new locations of the superchargers via their car's on-board navigation system and be routed to them when they are active if they need a charge.

Musk said on Twitter he "will be doing the LA-NY family road trip over Spring Break".

tesla model s owners can now drive coast to coast in the us image 2

UPDATE: And here's a picture of the first people to drive across the US with their Telsa using only free superchargers:

tesla model s owners can now drive coast to coast in the us image 3
Writing by Jake Smith.