So you thought Tesla was going to sit back with only the Model S sedan and Model X SUV in its fleet? Think again, Elon Musk doubter. 

The budding CEO revealed during Business Insider's Ignition conference on Tuesday that the company plans to build an electric truck for the mass market. Musk had previously toyed with the idea, but finally provided official confirmation that should make Diesel-freaks in the crowd cringe. 

It won't be a truck for commercial use, but instead will compete directly with the Ford F-Series and other passenger trucks. Musk explained to the audience at Ignition that the fleet truck market was smaller than the market Ford commands with its F-150, the-best selling vehicle of any kind in the US. 

Musk didn't provide any details about the truck, but said it could be built in the next five years. Currently, Tesla's big focus is on worldwide availability of the Model S and Model X, so we can see why the truck would be so far off. We have to wonder what an electric truck would look like. And would truck enthusiasts really catch on to the idea?

(The above image is a mock-up courtesy of Jalopnik.)