Ever wonder how Tesla makes the Model S? First clue: it involves a horde of red robots and a giant roll of shiny metal that looks awfully similar to the paper spools found in many (ancient) newspaper presses.

Wired recently went behind the scenes at Tesla's space-age factory in California to showcase just how the company manufacturers over 400 cars a week. The site captured production lines in action with over 160 assembly robots and 3,000 workers, as they unrolled and shaped aluminium rolls into cars and installed batteries, motors and a billion other lightweight components.

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Tesla bought its Fremont factory from Toyota in 2010, but it wasn't until a year later that the place was ready to begin manufacturing an award-winning electric sports sedan. Watch the video below for the inside tour of the streamlined production process. It certainly makes you feel as though the future is upon us.

Also, for those with some cash to spare, pricing in the US for the Model S starts at $57,500 (£37,000). You can also get your name on Tesla's UK list now with a £4,000 deposit for the car.