Reviewers and owners alike have raved over Tesla's Model S. Now Consumer Reports, a US-based consumer product review magazine and one of the most respected out there, has rated the Model S as not only the best electric car but also the best car, full stop. 

At $89,000 the Model S certainly isn't cheap, but we can't knock Consumer Reports for its findings. The Model S uses half the energy of the Toyota Prius, giving you a total range of about 250 miles between charges. Furthermore, its body-style is sleek, embodying a sports car, rather than the typical EV you see cruising down the highway on a daily basis. Past the exterior, the inside of the Model S is shockingly brilliant as well, containing a 17-inch touch screen with internet connectivity over an AT&T data plan. 

While everything seems fine and dandy, the one problem with the Model S is its range, which Consumer Reports notes. You won't be able to go on a cross-country trip with the Model S, but thanks to chargers set up in California and the East Coast, you can at least get out of your daily routine.

"For many people, the very thing that makes cars great is the ability to jump in and drive wherever you want on the map at a moment's notice. And on that measure the Tesla has its limitations," the publication said. As Tesla develops its vehicles, we fully expect the range of the battery to increase.  

On Tuesday Tesla reported its first profit in its ten-year history. The company generated profit of $15 million for Q1 2013, on record sales of $562 million, up 83 per cent year on year. During the quarter, Tesla was cranking out 400 or more Model S vehicles a week, to a total of 5,000 during the quarter.

Tesla will soon begin delivering the Model S to Europe and Asia, to the more than 20,000 people pre-ordering the vehicle annually. Speaking on the company's financial conference call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk told investors that buyers in Europe and Asia might see vehicles starting to be delivered by Q3 of 2013.