A great reason to buy a Smart Fortwo is the fact that as petrol-powered motors go, it’s pretty green. Sure, you have to put up with some atrocious handling and a car that’s beginning to show its age - but if green motoring on a budget appeals, there aren’t many better.

Now, with the launch of the Smart credit card, you can further enhance your green credentials while you add to the country’s ever-growing debt crisis. In a partnership with the Woodland Trust, Smart credit card users will have five trees planted on their behalf - offsetting the 1091kg of CO2 generated by a Fortwo coupé during 6000 miles of motoring.

With CO2 emissions of 113g/km, the smart Fortwo is one of the lowest CO2 emitting cars on British roads, although if you drive something like a Jeep Cherokee and want a Smart credit card, you’d probably need a forest laid down to cover your carbon footprint.

However, the green theme extends beyond this: the credit card itself is made from plastic PETG, which contains virtually no chlorine or other highly toxic chemicals contained in standard PVC credit cards.

Karl Mitchell, director of development at the Woodland Trust, said: “While the answer to climate change is cutting our carbon emissions, we recognise that most people can’t get to zero, so planting trees is a helpful way to offset those residual emissions. The new native woodland that smart credit card holders help to create will provide many benefits for both people and wildlife".

So go on ... max yourself out for the sake of the planet.