Smart #1 is an electric compact SUV

There's a new Smart model and this time it's an electric SUV called the Smart #1. (image credit: Smart)
The design has been evolved to fit into the compact SUV segment, with seating for 5 - but it's still an urban vehicle. (image credit: Smart)
With more space inside, there's a relaxed and cool feeling to things, designed to appeal to younger drivers. (image credit: Smart)
There's a 66kWh battery and a 200kW motor with a stated range of 273 miles, so this could be a really practical electric car. It supports 150kW charging. (image credit: Smart)
There's a refreshing UI on the 12.8-inch display, alongside lots of connected features and driver assistance. (image credit: Smart)
It's a new chapter for Smart, looking to appeal to those wanting a practical electric car - but we don't yet know the price or when it goes on sale. (image credit: Smart)