(Pocket-lint) - Skoda has pulled the covers off what could be one of the most significant electric cars of 2020. Yes, you might wonder exactly how to say Enyaq iV without losing control of your mouth, but Skoda's first electric SUV is worth paying attention to, because it has a lot to offer.

Here's everything you need to know about the new Skoda EV.


Skoda Enyaq iV design

The Skoda Enyaq iV is based on VW's MEB platform as per other electric vehicles that the group has recently announced. You can see the family design lines running down the side of the car, where it looks similar to the Skoda Kodiaq, Kamiq and Karoq. In terms of size, it sits somewhere between the Kamiq and Kodiaq based on the dimensions, with the 585-litre boot, meaning plenty of luggage space. It's a respectable size of SUV.

The real change from those other cars comes around the front, where the nose looks a little different, with a shorter bonnet dropping off more like you'd find in a smaller car. There's fairly aggressive styling around the front of the car, with a wide grille and plenty of angular details. At a glance there's a hint of BMW from that grille and those framed features on the Founders Edition of the Enyaq, we expect the regular model to be slighty more subdued.

The grille - or Crystal Face as Skoda calls it - is something special, because it's not functional, it's decorative. On the Founders Edition it's illuminated with 130 LEDs (it's an option on other models), but this is something that's come over from the Vision iV concept to add distiction to the production model.

There's going to be a 13-inch display in the interior, sitting on the dash "wing" with what Skoda is calling "a small nose" that projects forward giving you somewhere to rest your hand when interacting with that display - and bringing the experience nose design into the interior of the car. Rather than having trim levels, Skoda says you'll be able to choose from 10 designs for the interior. It's going to be more like buying a new sofa than a new car, but you can see that it's a natural evolution of Skoda interior design - just lighter and more modern.


Skoda Enyaq iV battery and range

  • Three battery sizes
  • Five power levels
  • Up to 125kW charging

There are going to be a number of configurations. The smallest battery will be 55kWh paired with a 109kW motor, offering 340km (211 miles) of range - it will be badged the Enyaq iV 50, but that won't be available in the UK.

The next will be a 62kW battery and 132kW motor, promising 390km (242 miles), called the Enyaq iV 60 which will be the entry-level in the UK.

Finally there will be an 82kWh battery version paired with a 150kW motor to give 510km (316 miles) range, the Enyaq iV 80. These will all be rear-wheel drive versions. 

There will also be two all-wheel models that build on these, the first adding a second motor to the front of the 80 to become the 80x giving it 195kW combined power, while the RS will go one better with 225kW. The top range for the all-wheel drive version will be 460km (285 miles). 

The cited 0-62mph is 6.2 seconds, which is pretty nippy, although that's going to be on the most powerful all-wheel drive version, while the iV 60, the entry point for the UK, will do 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds - which is still respectible. All will max-out at 160kph/100mph.

Charging will support the normal three pin plug and 11kW wall box, all the way up to 125kW rapid charging, meaning you can realistically cover long ranges without much time spent at the charger.


Skoda Enyaq iV UK prices

Here's how the prices for the UK models break down. Skoda says that these prices exclude the government grant.

  • Enyaq iV 60: from £33,450
  • Enyaq iV 80: from £38,950
  • Enyaq iV 80 Founders Edition: from £49,995

Orders will open later in 2020, with the Founders Edition expected on the road in 2021.

Writing by Chris Hall.