Skoda has turned to tech to promote the Skoda Fabia and it will get your geeky self salivating.

Using augmented reality, Skoda has set up a promotional booth in Waterloo Station, taking over the largest advertising screen in Europe. 

You get to customise your car, selecting the wheels, colours, and so on, before sitting yourself in the driving seat in front of a green screen.


You're beamed onto Motion@Waterloo, the 40 metre wide, 3 metre tall JCDecaux display running through the station, and the car is then built around you using augmented reality, so you can see how you'd look in your new set of wheels.

It's a clever use of AR in a public setting, and using the huge display in the station means that it's not just you that sees your creation, but all the other passengers too, so it's great spectator sport.

It's simple to use and takes almost no time, so if you're waiting for a train, we'd certainly recommend having a go as it's lots of fun.


Skoda teamed up with MediaCom, Enigma and JCDecaux to bring the Skoda Fabia to life through augmented reality.

Andrew Newman, co-founder of Enigma, the interactive digital agency responsible for the technical wizardry, explained that it had taken 50 hours of work on the animation to have the AR Skoda build itself around the driver on the big screen.


Uniquely, Skoda's interactive booth is using an app to make the colour selections, before combining that with the green screen driver, and running it all up onto the huge advertising display.

"In this world-first, members of the public will have the chance to design their own car from scratch in real time as easily as if they were in a video game," said Newman. 

"This truly expresses the art of customer control as their enjoyment remains at the centre of this event as we see their creation literally build around them on Europe's largest advertising screen."

Skoda has the installment in place for 9-13 February, open from 6am-9pm. The new Skoda Fabia is available to buy now from £10,600 and has recently been named as What Car? Car of the Year 2015.