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(Pocket-lint) - One of the remarkable things about electric powertrains is how readily they can be used in existing cars. Sure, converting your daily runaround to an EV is probably going to be a bigger job than you might imagine - and not worth the cost - but what if your daily runaround is a classic car? 

Some might say that the purr of the original engine, or the inevitable oil leaks, are inherent to what makes some cars classic - but there's no denying the remarkable transformations that take place when heritage meets electric. We previously marvelled over Jaguar's conversion of the E-Type Zero and now we're taken by something a little more refined, an electrified Rolls-Royce Phantom V.

LunazRolls-Royce Phantom V photo 5

The Phantom V is the final word in chauffeured luxury, reborn as relevant to a world that's now more concerned about sustainability. If you're going to be transported in style, you'll want to do so with a clean conscience. 

That's part of the motivation behind Lunaz's conversion of such prestige cars. The Silverstone-based company says that its work is based on growing demand for such vehicles, so you can not only have your cake, but you can eat it too.

Each car is stripped down to the bare metal for a full and authentic restoration and sensitive modernisation. While iconic features are refined and updated, it's all done to preserve the style and vision of the original car. That will see the electric charging point sitting behind the fuel filler cap and the power meter integrated into the driver display to match the style of the car.

For the passengers, not only are they getting a new luxury interior, but as these cars are built to order, they can integrate the requirements of the new owner - just like ordering a modern Rolls-Royce. 

LunazRolls-Royce Phantom V photo 8

So what of the original 6-litre V8 engine? That's a thing of the past, with a 120kWh battery bringing over 300 miles of electric range. Lunaz says that every effort is made to retain the balance and feel of the original car. A Rolls-Royce is designed to coast silently and effortlessly along the road - something that electric cars are inherently known for.

What's exciting about transformations like those of Lunaz is that these beautiful cars don't have to go out of date, they can reassert themselves on the road with renewed charm.

Sure, the asking price of £500,000 isn't going to be within the reach of many people and Lunaz says that you will need a direct relationship with the factory to be able to put your order in - but if you are super-rich and feel like preserving a piece of motoring history with a bespoke electric conversion, we'll be forever grateful.

Writing by Chris Hall.