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(Pocket-lint) - The Dacia Spring was first showcased in 2020, in what would have been the Geneva Motor Show, and now it is ready for launch, the first all-electric Dacia and looking to shake up the market for small EVs.

Dacia has always been synonymous with affordability and the Spring will start from around €16,990 before any government incentives are added - making it the cheapest European electric car - and perhaps going some way to increase the appeal of driving electric.

It's a city car first and foremost and the technical specifications reveal a lot about how Dacia has hit that low price point.

DaciaDacia Spring photo 4

Firstly, it's a pretty small battery at 27.4kWh and it's paired with a motor that's not hugely powerful at 33kW (44PS).

That gives it a 0-62mph time of 19.1 seconds - but before you laugh, remember that most EVs deliver their best performance from a standing start: indeed, the 0-30-mph time is 5.8 seconds, so pulling away from the lights, you'll probably be fine. Overtaking in the fast lane, you probably won't.

That fits with its status as a small city car as the motorway performance is likely to be less exciting than nipping through tight streets.

Indeed, the range is given as 189 miles (WLTP) on a city cycle with plenty of stop-start driving, or 142 miles on a combined cycle. These figures tend to be a little higher than average real world consumption, but would suggest an average consumption of about 5.1 miles per kWh, which is on the high side - let's hope it rings true.

One of the other moves that's been made to keep the price in check is the charging speed offered. The details suggest that you'll only be able to charge up to 30kW DC. That's not such a problem as the battery is small, but it suggests that the hardware isn't offered for faster charging systems.

That puts the Dacia Spring in a bracket that does have some limitations, but again, as an affordable city car, it will be perfect for daily driving, commutes, shopping trips - the sorts of things that don't require supercar performance and a 300 mile range.

The design apes SUV styles in a compact format, similar to other Dacia models, so it's fun. There's a hint of Renault Zoe in there and a hint of Sandero, very much a Dacia-looking car.

There's seating for four inside and a 290 litre boot. The interior is fairly basic, but again, it's aimed at a more affordable segment, with tech options depending on the level of trim you choose.

There's a 7-inch touchscreen central display, compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for those who pick the right trim level, along with Bluetooth and USB. There's even a voice assistant button on the steering wheel, which can trigger Siri or Google Assistant on your phone to control things like music.

This is basically an electric car that's looking to cover the basics, giving you the essentials and saving you from buying a lot of stuff you don't need.

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It's going to be available in select European markets in summer 2021 - we don't think it's going to come to the UK.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 12 March 2021.