(Pocket-lint) - Dacia has showcased the Spring, a forthcoming electric car that it wants to have on the road in 2021. With most electric cars attracting a premium, Dacia is aiming to be "Europe's most affordable all-electric car". 

That's an enticing proposition, given that in countries like the UK, we're looking at a 2035 cut-off for combustion car sales and getting more affordable EVs onto the road remains a priority. 

The Dacia Spring is described as a showcar - it would have originally been shown at the Geneva Motor Show - outlining what to expect. It looks like a reworking of the Renault City K-ZE launched in China in 2019, but rolling out as a Dacia instead. 

There's not much to go on by way of the details, but Dacia says that it will give you over 200km range (125 miles), which is likely where Dacia is going to be saving money, by using a smaller battery. It is 3.73m long, which is pretty short, but for those short urban trips, it could be all the car you need.

The look is that of a baby SUV, so Dacia is pitching this right into a popular market, with a four seat, five door design. It's designed as a compact urban vehicle, however, so while it carries some of the Duster's styling, it looks closer in size to the Sandero - but better looking.

That's about all we have to go on at the moment - the key ingredients of range, battery size and what sort of trimmings you might get with it remain unknown. We also don't know where it will be launching, but we'll learn more as we get closer to 2021.

Writing by Chris Hall.