Renault has announced a rather nifty concept car which features a built in BlackBerry PlayBook for drivers to tap away with whilst out on the road. 

The idea is that the Frendzy is a sort of mobile office on wheels, using the PlayBook to power all the email and work related shenanigans. The dash is a sort of work bench type interface which appears to be made out of what Renault describes as "molten metal". It uses green lights to show when you are operating the car in work mode or if in family mode, which turns the interior orange to friendly things up a bit.

The PlayBook plugs directly into the centre console and turns itself into a sort of Renault mode especially for the car. Once removed it will revert to normal state of play. 

renault frendzy concept features built in blackberry playbook image 2

Renault has gone tablet mad with the Frendzy, which also includes a touch sensitive pad for gaming that slides out of back of the drivers seat and even a slate for drawing integrated into the sliding door. The separation of work and family sees the car being split into two modes and a different front and back environment, the rear featuring a large bench seat for kids.

Amazingly the roof is said to adapt itself to fit in big and bulky objects, great for those overspending trips to Ikea. Magnets are also included in the floor to help keep objects still in the car. There is even RFID sensors to pick up tagged objects loading and unloading.

Whilst Renault is yet to actually build the cutting edge Frendzy concept, it is pointing to it appearing on show at the 2011 Frankfurt Motorshow, PlayBook and all.

PlayBook? iPad? Honeycomb?