It seems Range Rover's 2010 model is going to feature some pretty nifty technology for gadget-lovers.

The centre console will get a 12-inch touch-sensitive display and will offer fingertip control for the vehicle's GPS system and CD and DVD player.

The display features what Range Rover dubs "Parallax Barrier" technology, showing two images, so the satnav could be shown on the right, while a DVD plays on the left.

If touching is too much effort, then users can also use voice control to command the air conditioning and stereo system - which offers USB hook-up and an iPod dock.

The instrument panel also gets a techie flavour with another 12-inch display with virtual dials and other graphical info.

It's not clear whether the technology uses a prototype Sharp showed at IFA in 2005.

At the technology show 4 years ago in Berlin Germany, the Japanese company showed off a LCD that could simultaneously display different information in right and left viewing directions.

At the time Sharp suggested that it could be used as an in-car entertainment system allowing the driver to view GPS map information, while a passenger watches a film.

It seems Land Rover might have been listening.

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