Land Rover already rocked the SUV world when it unleashed the first compact Range Rover in its Evoque. Now it's doing it again with a Range Rover Evoque Convertible.

While the original Evoque was a design innovation that turned heads, the challenge of making it convertible was considerable. For a starter the original model was designed to draw strength from the roof and window uprights. By cutting all that off to make it a true convertible Land Rover had to work very hard.

The result is a car that looks effortlessly like an Evoque with the top sliced off. That meant redesigning the front windscreen so it could hold the entire car's weight if flipped upside down. It also meant installing intelligent roll-over protection systems that deploy from behind the rear seats so the entire car can sit upside down while the passengers are safe.

Safety aside the car looks great with a new InControl Touch Pro head unit that has done away with the buttons in the current Evoque, leaving a more minimal and futuristic interior finish. The roof itself can move from closed to open, at speeds up to 50kph, in 21 seconds and will open in 18. All that and it still looks like the Evoque that's been loved the world over.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is still in early production design phases but we got a chance to see a model up close. Check out the gallery above to learn everything about the world's first convertible Evoque.