Formula E, the electric version of Formula One that starts in September 2014, will feature wireless charging cars following a deal with the FIA and Qualcomm.

Although the initial 2014/2015 season will feature only a wireless charging capable pace and safety cars, Qualcomm says that it hopes to have its Halo Wireless technology in all the race cars by the second season.

The new championship, which will be similar in structure to F1, will feature only electric cars and be raced on inner-city tracks around the world -including places like Berlin, Miami and London.

During races, drivers must make two mandatory pit stops in order to change cars. But rather than teams having to plug theirs car into the wall as if they're charging a laptop, Qualcomm's Halo Wireless charging tech wireless charges the car as it sits over a special pad within the ground.

"The wireless charging system will be made available to the race cars from season two," said Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice-president and chief marketing officer of Qualcomm. 

"Qualcomm Halo WEVC technology uses resonant magnetic induction to transfer energy between a ground-based pad and a charging pad on the electric vehicle. Drivers simply park over the base pad and charging commences automatically." 

Qualcomm, a founding partner, will also provide processors and wireless technologies to power the telemetry data and promises to help enhance spectator viewing with Augmented Reality and location proximity sensors as well at the races.

The company hopes the races will become a huge test bed for electric vehicle and drive train technology while at the same time allowing it to test its Halo Wireless tech in an incredibly tough environment.