So you've got a Porsche ... what better way to give it that personal touch than by putting your name on it?

Instead of the type designation on the back, you can have a customised text in the same font placed on your Porsche., the company behind the idea, says that Texts can be made for all 911 models - Cayenne - Boxster and Cayman.

Those looking for garish colours will be disappointed however as the company will only make the lettering in the same colours as the type designation, in grey or black, or "chrome" or "gold".

The company suggest that not only could you have your name, or that of your favourite pooch, but perhaps a phrase such as "back off", "follow me" or "have a nice day".

According to the website orders will be sent via UPS within 30 days.

The cost?

A mere €375 or $450 for five letters in the original colours - grey or black. Extra letters cost €50 or $60 each. A chrome or gold name or text costs an additional €75 or $90.