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(Pocket-lint) - Those who have been watching Porsche concepts for the past few years will remember the Mission E Cross Turismo. While the Taycan was unveiled in 2018, the slightly bolder version, the Cross Turismo has been waiting in the wings.

That wait is coming to an end. With the car expected to launch on 4 March, Porsche has given us a preview of the new model, detailing some of the changes you an expect from the existing Taycan models.

The big thing is that the profile of the Taycan is rather different, with that longer roof resulting in more height at the rear of the car. Just like the Panamera, there's going to be more space in the rear of the car.

That's going to give the rear passengers more room and also allow for a more practical boot/trunk and load space. There's also a choice of roof, either solid or glass, the latter making things even more spacious.

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Driving the new model, Stefan Weckbach, Porsche Taycan product chief, draws attention to the roof rails, and says that he'd choose the Cross Turismo because he likes mountain biking and needs the space.

That points to a car that's a lot more practical than the sporty Taycan, with a CUV driving model to boost the ride height to make it better suited to slightly rougher roads.

Along with the news that the Cross Turismo is going to be a dual motor arrangement for all-wheel drive, we'd expect this to be the practical option for those heading to the Alps skiing for the weekend.

We're expecting to see all the options soon enough, with ordering expected to open soon.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 22 February 2021.