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(Pocket-lint) - One of the top requirements for any car user these days in connectivity. With people so used to the convenience that smartphones bring to modern life, transporting that to your car is top of the list.

No one wants to buy a classic Porsche and then have cables and windscreen mounts draped all over the place, just so you can do something as simple as play Spotify or navigate with Waze.

Fortunately, Porsche has seen the light and moved to offer official alternatives to 1-DIN and 2-DIN units used in many of its older Porsche models. That means you can have the wondrous purity (and perhaps affordability?) of an older Porsche as well as the convenience of Apple CarPlay and a DAB+ radio.

There are two different styles. The Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM) is a single DIN unit that will replace the unit that came as standard. It will fit models from the first 911 cars of the 1960s through to those of the 1990s, the 993. Porsche says it will work with older front and mid-engine models, but we'd ask Porsche before you dive in.

The PCCM has a 3.5-inch colour display in the middle, two rotary knobs and six buttons, is styled to match the rest of the car and carries the Porsche logo, so it fits right in. It supports Apple CarPlay and DAB+ for digital radio, while also supporting SD card, USB and Bluetooth.

It will also support mapping via SD card which you can get from Porsche, although if you're using Apple CarPlay, you'll probably be happier using Waze, Google Maps or Apple Maps, rather than a system that will slowly go out of date.

PorscheGet Apple CarPlay in your classic Porsche with these official new head units image 1

The PCCM Plus is the 2-DIN model, suitable for 996 generation 911 cars and the 986 Boxster from the 1990s.

The PCCM Plus has a larger 7-inch colour display, so gives you a lot more space to play. It will give you all the functions that you get from the smaller unit, but obviously you have a lot more screen space - there's an added advantage in that this unit also supports Android Auto.

You can get the PCCM and PCCM Plus directly from Porsche centres or through Porsche Classic online. It's recommended that you get Porsche to fit it for you. The PCCM, the 1-DIN model will cost €1439.89 and the PCCM Plus, the 2-DIN model will cost €1606.51.

Writing by Chris Hall.