Polestar O2 is a beautiful electric roadster

Polestar has pulled the covers off the Polestar O2, a concept electric roadster. (image credit: Polestar)
It offers a 2+2 configuration, with a hard top convertable, so you can drop the roof and enjoy some fresh air. (image credit: Polestar)
There's a sleek modern interior with big central display, using recycled materials. (image credit: Polestar)
At the back of the car there's a drone, with a flap that opens to release the autonomous drone. (image credit: Polestar)
This drone can follow and film the car, so you can get perfect video clips of you driving. (image credit: Polestar)
It's just a concept, but with Polestar planning more car launches, this concept will get a lot of people excited. (image credit: Polestar)