Le Mans better watch out – Peugeot’s barn-storming 908 V12 HDi DPFS has arrived.

The car, a product of Peugeot’s desore to win the 2007 endurance race with a car powered by an HDi diesel unit equipped with a diesel particulate filter, produces 700bhp and almost 900lb ft of torque. The V12 has 5.5 litres of the black stuff sloshing around inside it and it’s all aluminium to keep weight down.

The chassis is 100% carbon fibre and the 908 is entirely enclosed, unlike two-times Le Mans winner the 905, which resembled more of racing car and looked half as beautiful as the 908.

Electronically, the 908 is one of the most advanced cars of its type ever built, with much of its traction control and differential management developed from the World Rally Championship experience of Peugeot Sport.