With the Paris Motor Show around the corner, that means one thing - it’s concept car heaven.

Paris, like Geneva, is a posing ground for manufacturers that, like strutting peacocks or preening reality TV "stars", want to show off their latest laboratory-driven developments. With static motor shows really showing their age, it’s often the promise of fantastically OTT concept cars that offer any excitement, and if there’s a better-looking concept at Paris than Peugeot’s 908 RC, I’ll be Henry Ford’s uncle.

Debuting at the show in September, the 908 RC has a whopping rear-mounted 5.5-litre V12 diesel unit mated to a six-speed electronic sequential gearbox, and its RC moniker suggests it is very much designed as a racing thoroughbred, despite its limo-like appearance.

Masses of internal space, looks to die for, huge performance - not often you’ll find those three together in the same chassis. We could wax lyrical forever on the attributes of this stunning machine, but it’s worth remembering that as this is a concept unlikely to ever really appear in showrooms in any guise remotely familiar we won’t get too excited - just yet. It’s also worth remembering that as this is a Peugeot, it’s unlikely to get very far before bits fall of it.

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