(Pocket-lint) - Mobile World Congress is traditionally the trade show where many technology manufacturers announce their latest smartphones, tablets and wearables so when you introduce a concept car to that atmosphere, needless to say it stands out. Like, really stands out.

Peugeot obviously liked the idea of that though because it unveiled its Instinct Concept at the show, drawing some serious crowds, even if not quite as many as the new Nokia 3310.


The Peugeot Instinct Concept car is a plug-in hybrid that features the Samsung Artik Cloud IoT platform, allowing it to sync with the user's devices and learn their lifestyle and reconfiguration settings, including seat, interface and lighting preferences, as well as preferred driving mode and audio settings.

There are four driving modes comprising Drive Boost, Drive Relax, Autonomous Soft and Autonomous Sharp, meaning the driver can choose to drive themselves, or pick the car to drive for them.

A responsive i-Cockpit switches seamlessly between Drive and Autonomous modes, folding the steering wheel and toggle switch panel into the dashboard and the accelerator pedal into the pedal unit when either autonomous mode is selected.


Switching modes takes place via the i-Device, which is positioned next to the 9.7-inch display in the centre console. This is also where the driver can take action where necessary, even when in the autonomous modes, such as overtaking a car in front.

The combination of the technology and the Samsung Artik Cloud platform means the car will know when you've been to the gym based on your smartwatch, for example, selecting the Autonomous Soft mode for a relaxing drive home. It could also synchronise with your diary in order to prompt you to set off for a meeting earlier based on the traffic and weather conditions.


There is also a personal assistant built-into the Instinct Concept, allowing passengers to communicate with the car via voice, asking it to do anything from booking cinema tickets to buying something online.

The Peugeot Instinct Concept looks a little like an elongated Volkswagen Scirocco. It has an aerodynamic, sculpted body that has been designed for fuel efficiency, while the striking LED headlamps each have built-in cameras for scanning the road and communicating with the driving assistance systems.


Inside, the cabin materials are soft to touch and tactile, while also delivering a very contemporary look. The seats are low and deep, while the floor is different and smooth to touch. Passengers can also adjust the seat base, seat back and headrest all separately, enabling them to choose a position that best suits them, including horizontal if they want to sleep. Obviously not a good idea when in one the Drive modes though.

Sadly, the Peugeot Instinct Concept isn't available yet but it does offer a lovely look into what the autonomous driving future could provide.

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.